The Lost Drinking Game

To celebrate/commiserate the return of Lost to our TV screens here in Australia… * If you have a PVR that will let you skip the ads, take a sip for each ad you skip. * Whenever a flashback starts, drink until it makes some sort of sense. * Whenever they talk about the hatch, shout “down the hatch!” and drink. * When there’s dramatic music, but nothing dramatic immediately happens, drink to console yourself. * Whenever someone mentions those stupid numbers (4, 8, whatever), scull the glass. * The Suicide Rule: Drink whenever something incoherent or inexplicable happens. (JRE takes no liability for alcohol poisoning, should you choose to invoke this rule.) Unfortunately, this was as far as we got before the Toppy started recording, thinking it was taping Family Guy. if that happens to you, scull your glass, or do what we did: switch to SBS and start playing the SBS World News drinking game. * If they show footage from an Arabic-language TV station, take a sip. * Whenever someone signs off with “…World News Australia”, cheer and drink. * Whenever they “recap their top stories”, drink. * If someone makes reference to Anton Enus and rhyming slang, they must scull their glass. After a few rounds of the SBS World News drinking game, nobody was too worried about having missed the last half of Lost.