Billion 7402 config angst

…or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love IE6. This is another one of those things posted in the hope that someone will Google for it and find it useful. If you’re having trouble configuring a Billion modem (in my case the 7402G series), using a reasonably recent firmware, and you’re getting errors like “not enough core” and “webserver: unable to obtain write lock on node {gibberish}” that are preventing you from saving settings - you’re probably running up against a bug in the internal webserver. These modems severely dislike KHTML-based browsers - which include Konqueror, and unfortunately Safari - and spew errors when you use one of those browsers to configure them. Solution:

  1. Reboot the modem.

  2. Find someone in the house with a Windows PC. You know, one of those things that make you unclean if you touch them. All you need is a copy of IE for Windows. Use IE to configure the modem, and it should work perfectly.

Apparently Firefox also works (after all, it’s not KHTML-based), but only hippies use Firefox.