I reject your Google notoriety and substitute my own

From July 16th to October 9th, this site was hit by 330 queries from Google. Of those, 39 were for some variation of “I reject your reality and substitute my own”, and 88 were from people searching for “iTunes tricks” (for which this site is the sixth link on Google, even higher than the excellent Lifehacker). What else were people searching for?

  • 8 people searched for “asian soup”, and landed on Zac’s yummy recipe for Spicy Asian Soup;

  • “nanny 911 torrent” - …someone wants to download episodes of the dismal Nanny 911 (which was soundly beaten by Mythbusters when it was screened down here). WHY?

  • “average income in Australia” - CIA World Factbook (the best geography tool ever) says $30,700 (GDP per capita). I can only hope that whoever was searching doesn’t cite me as an authoritative source.

  • “christine platinum ytterbium erbium” - this one again. TWICE. I would love to know why people search for this, because I don’t have a clue.

And finally, there was this one: “worst premiers ever Joan Kirner”. I can only assume that Jeff Kennett is using Google.