The Most Terrifying Sight In The World

You might think you’re tough. You might think nothing can scare you. You might laugh in the face of danger. But today, JRE will show you something that will chill you to the bone. Something that will make you want to run to your panic room. 25-08-05_1739.jpg Walking home from work today, this is what I saw. It looks like just an ordinary Honda NSX, right (if there is such a thing)? Admittedly, a very shiny one, with a sleek black paint job, an air scoop on the top, and an eye-searing custom paint job on the front. But look closer. What’s that inside the car, at the bottom right corner of the windscreen? Could that red blotch be something terrifying? Something that suggests a dark, nefarious side to this car? Look closer… it’s… it’s… (Read the gripping, terrifying conclusion - after the jump!)

25-08-05_1741.jpg It’s… a P-plate! Oh no! Carnage in the streets! Maniacal joyriders behind the wheel of an obscenely high-powered road rocket! But seriously. What sort of insane, wacked out person allows a P-plater behind the wheel of an excitingly expensive, immensely powerful, and very twitchy mid-engined sports car? Imagine the insurance premiums.