So we’re ditching Westnet

I love Westnet. Really I do. But we’ve decided to ditch them and switch to iiNet’s ADSL2 offering.
Zac and Rachel aren’t too happy with Westnet’s speed recently – seriously, who’d have thought that 512kbps wouldn’t be enough? I haven’t had any problems, and if anything, I’m kind of sad to leave them. But it’s hard to argue with 12 megabits for the same price as 512 kilobits. The downside: We have to switch our phone service to iiNet (they’re an AAPT reseller), and there’ll be up to two weeks of internet downtime while they pull our link and switch us to the iiNet DSLAM.
I’ll survive. Even if it means spending a lot of evenings in Starbucks or Hudsons, checking my mail and blogging from their wireless hotspots.
We’re putting in our application on the 16th of next month. Watch this space.

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  1. Zac says:

    It’s not so much that I think 512kbps isn’t enough, it’s just that the connection is a bit unreliable. Something the latency to westnet just goes to 1-2 seconds for no good reason! That’s just not good enough. 2 second pings to the ISP makes the internet almost unsable.

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