iTunes Tricks

I was playing with iTunes, and noticed that the songs in my 100 Most Played playlist were seeing an inordinate amount of play, at the expense of some pretty good songs that weren’t in the 100 Most Played. It was reaching the point where the songs outside the top 100 had no chance of being elevated into those hallowed ranks. What I needed was a Top Rated playlist that left out the 100 most played songs that were hogging all of the airtime. But how to do that? There’s an option in iTunes’ Smart Playlists that lets you specify the number of songs to include (for example, you can specify to include the 200 least played songs that match a certain set of conditions). However, it doesn’t allow you to say “include the len(playlist)-100 least played songs”. Instead… Create a new smart playlist - “Not The 100 Most Played”. Match all of the following conditions:

  • Playlist is “My Top Rated” (my playlist with all of the 4- and 5-star songs)

  • Playlist is NOT “100 Most Played” (playlist with - duh - the 100 most played songs) And you end up with a playlist of all of the songs that are being deprived of their rightful airtime. There are plenty of variations on this theme. How about making a “Hits and Memories” playlist - a union of the “50 most played” songs and a “not recently played” playlist (with 3-star or better songs that haven’t been played in the last two weeks)? You could almost run a radio station on that one.