I reject your reality and substitute my own

Addendum: There are DVDs! You don’t normally associate SBS with consistently high-rating shows. Consistently low-rating shows, maybe. But with the exception of their inspired decision to buy the Australian rights to South Park, SBS hasn’t exactly been the home of ratings winners - until now. A little show called Mythbusters has been setting SBS’ ratings alight. If you’re not watching it, you should - and I’m not going to start on why, because that’ll drag this post completely off track - and it seems that the word is spreading. Considering it’s up against Big Brother, The Great Outdoors (the next-door neighbour of the Desperate Housewives), and whatever the Nine network can throw at it, it’s in a pretty tough fight, but every Tuesday afternoon, Mythbusters turns up in the “winners” column in Crikey’s TV ratings wrap. Last night, Channel 9 pulled out all the stops, throwing its brand-new Nanny 911 program into the timeslot. Guess what happened. Channel 9’s brand new expensive ratings weapon finished last. Stone cold dead last, behind The Great Outdoors, Big Brother, The 7:30 Report (ouch)… and, you guessed it, Mythbusters. The little program that could ended up with 943,000 viewers nationally, and at the rate it’s been growing, it’ll have over a million viewers sometime in the next two weeks.