An exercise in photoblogging

Everyone’s doing it. Digital camera + Flickr + Movable Type = instant travel documentary. It’s cheaper than slide film, more portable, and closer to instant gratification than silver halide and its one-hour-photo-finishing-services can ever be. At the moment, I’m sitting in Starbucks on Swanston Street, and with the aid of Telstra’s excitingly expensive WiFi, I’ve dumped a few photos onto Flickr as a test of how practical this will be. See what you think. Here’s one to get you started: The view from Carlton Gardens.

And a few more:

The pairing of flickr and Movable Type isn’t too bad. It’s cheap (assuming you have a server to run Movable Type on) and easy to use. Expect to see more of this - assuming I ever manage to head off on holiday. It’s only been in planning now for eight months, after all. Update:: There’s a Flickr plugin for iPhoto 5.