Taking offshoring to a whole new level

I stayed up to watch the Monaco Grand Prix last Sunday night (actually I Toppied it) and noticed something strange… the Red Bull Racing pit crew had been replaced by Empire Stormtroopers. They might say it’s a promotional stunt for that movie that everyone’s talking about… but JRE knows better. This is just the beach-head for an invasion force of Stormtroopers! Vader himself can’t be far behind! He’s probably parked behind Saturn at the moment… wait… that’s not a moon… that’s a space station! Here’s a screencap - click to enlarge. troopersthumb.jpg I, for one, welcome our new interplanetary overlords. More after the jump.

troopers2thumb.jpg One of the stormtroopers decides to attack the camera mounted on David Coulthard’s car (warning: 650k PNG): trooperattackthumb.jpg