Google Notoriety III

It’s that time again. Time for me to run
tohma# grep google access_log | grep q\= > ~/googlehits.txt
and slurp the results into Excel. Firstly, I should note that while Ryan is the number one RFK in Australia, I am only the eighth-ranked Josh in Australia. Now, what is there…

mnemonic to remember the periodic table – wouldn’t it be kind of long, though? A 108-word… sorry, 109-word… sorry, 115-word mnemonic would be pretty hard to remember… platinum erbium ytterbium Christine – …not least because you have to remember all of these strangely named new elements. I wonder if Christine is a naturally occurring element, or whether she has to be synthesized in the lab. Moral hazard describes a situation in which – No, I will not write your essay for you. Sod off. +“royal automobile club” +wagner +valkyriesOne of the funniest news items ever is immortalized in some small way through JRE. Collins Stewart Tullett plc AND internet access – I’m not sure what to make of this one, but I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind it. Fruit “starts with Z” – No, it starts with F. Nice try, though! josh presley – I was all shook up by this one. (Sorry, sorry, sorry. Stop throwing fruit.) JOSH FIRSTLY – firstly what? What did I do? And why are you shouting at me? “light on the piazza” – this is apparently a Broadway show. Why wouldn’t you expect my CG photo of a Nissan Skyline to be one of the top 20 results? Maybe I should take a photo of a Skoda and see how many people hit the site after googling for “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. reviews honest pentax slr digital – Because the dishonest reviews are at least honest enough to identify themselves. One of these days I should buy some google adwords and see what happens.