Wellington in Pictures, part 2

I woke up the next morning to this underneath my door: fognews.jpg The fog that had been hanging around for two days, and wreaking havoc with incoming and outgoing flights, was due to hang around for at least two days more - and I was supposed to fly out that afternoon. Oh joy. More after the jump (with lots of photos, sorry dialup users).

This was the view out the window when I arrived at Welly airport. tarmacfog.jpg And this was the view inside the window. airportmob.jpg It was the worst chaos I’ve ever run into in an airport. Inbound flights were being cancelled, or diverted to Palmerston North (two hours up the road). People were missing international connections and being forced to rebook. And if an inbound flight was cancelled, that meant there’d be an outbound flight cancelled as well - if the plane can’t land, it can’t take off. I didn’t hold out much hope of arriving in Melbourne that day. departureboard.jpg So, like most of the other people in the airport, I crowded around the departures and arrivals board, and waited for the Melbourne flight to arrive. Eventually, it arrived, and I checked in and went through customs with a minimum of hassle. Anyone travelling to Wellington should be warned that the duty-free shop is not very well-stocked, unless you want spirits; do your duty-free electronics shopping before you arrive at Welly. carpark.jpg While I was waiting in the departure lounge, I wandered over to the window and took this photo, out over the golf course behind the airport to the misty hills beyond. Despite the fog, Wellington has an awful lot of charm to it - especially with scenery like this. Next time I go to Welly, I’ll take a better camera.