Received knowledge

How to use a Motorola Razr V3 as a Bluetooth GPRS modem with your PocketPC - placed here in the hope that someone will google for it and find it useful.

  1. Pair the PocketPC and the phone; if you’re using a Windows Mobile 2003, the procedure is this:

    • Enable Bluetooth on the phone and PDA, then go into the Bluetooth Manager and under the New menu, select Connect to Internet via Phone.

    • Set the phone to Find Me mode (in the Settings/Connections/Bluetooth Link menu)

    • Tap through until the PDA searches for the phone; select it, and follow the instructions to pair with it.

  2. On the PDA, go to Start/Settings/Connections tab/Connections. Add a new modem connection. Select the Bluetooth Dialup Modem; when it prompts you for the number to dial, enter *99#. Enter the username and password as prompted (for Telstra, leave everything blank). Tap Advanced… Sacrificing a chicken at this point is optional.

  3. Set the baud rate to 115200 (this will let you max out the GPRS connection).

  4. Here’s the wrinkle. First, you need to find your provider’s GPRS APN (Access Point Name) - try this link for a list. Now, in the “extra dial-string modem commands” box, or wherever you need to put extra modem commands, type the following magic word:


And replace [APN] with your provider’s APN. So, for example, in my Razr:


You need to make sure you include everything - the plus-sign, the quote-marks, and the upper- and lower-case. Now, just hit “connect”, wait ten seconds, and you should have Bluetoothy goodness on tap.

This has been another JRE Handy Hint.