"Sod off, swampy."

From the aft-ganging-agley department: To protest against the signing of the Kyoto protocol, which they say has not done enough to control usage of fossil fuels, Greenpeace protestors decided to break into the trading floor at the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) in London. The IPE is the primary European oil futures exchange. The IPE is one of those good old open-outcry exchanges, with people in wackily coloured coats screaming at each other. Greenpeace had the bright idea of storming in with noisemakers, horns, and personal alarms; their aim was to try and shut down the market by drowning everyone out. Now, the first thing that they forgot is that the IPE is partially electronic, and computers are not known for being intimidated by loud noises. The second thing they forgot is that the IPE open-outcry session is immediately after lunch. Read on.