The weather in Melbourne

You know what they say about the weather in Melbourne - “if you don’t like it, wait five minutes and it’ll change”. Twenty minutes ago, I walked out on my way to the Victoria Market for the weekly fruit-and-veg-and-meat shop. It was drizzling slightly, so I took an umbrella. Five minutes later, I was back home, with an out-of-commission umbrella, after being hailed on and threatened by lightning.

This radar image shows the rain density around Melbourne ten minutes after I ran for cover. The storm in question is the angry red blotch just to the right of centre. radar1.gif (Copyright Bureau of Meteorology, 2004) As I type, it’s just gone from sunshine to hosing rain… ooh, and there’s some hail as well. The other angry red blotch (the one just to the left of centre) is passing overhead. The shopping will have to wait until tomorrow.