The march of progress

Three weeks ago, I bought a 1GB USB flash drive. It’s an Astone, which is a respectable if little-known brand. (They also make very nice laptops.)
I paid $210 three weeks ago.
One week later, I saw the same flash drive advertised for $190.
Today, I saw the same flash drive advertised at iStore for $165, with $10 off if you spend more than $100 on other items.
To put that in perspective, when I bought the 1GB drive, half-gigabyte drives were $140. In three weeks, the capacity-to-price ratio has almost doubled. Not bad.
Update: The 1GB Astone is currently available at iStore for $145.

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One Response to The march of progress

  1. Brad says:

    I guess you feel a bit hard done by then :-P
    If the price drops by another 79% in 3 weeks to $130 then i might just have to go and score me one of those :-)
    Cheers, Brad

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