Google Notoriety II

I wrote a Google Notoriety entry a couple of months ago, after being pleasantly surprised by the odd queries that people were using to find JRE. This weekend, I rummaged through my logs again - and it looks like it’s time for another Google Notoriety Watch!

One guy (I’m assuming it was the same guy) hit with “coppermine +‘gone wild’” - not once, but twice. I can only assume he was after “girls gone wild”-type pictures (given that he was focusing his search on Coppermine photo-album software), and I sincerely regret any disappointment he may have suffered at the lack of such pictures. “JRE Furniture” (x4)… I suspect this is a real company whose reputation I have hijacked with tales of Officeworks desks. “hightide lounge melbourne airport”… upon further investigation, my scathing condemnation of their lousy coffee is number 5 for this search. “venus transit 2004 cause natural calamities”… we’ve been over this, and the answer is “no”. The first result for this query explains this far better than I did. And finally, it seems rather appropriate to note one particular search string that I expect to see more of. The second result returned by Google for the query “google notoriety”… is my previous Google Notoriety article.