Six Apart: the new SCO

Bashing Six Apart (the publishers of MovableType, which powers JRE) has suddenly become fashionable. They’ve announced that MovableType will now be available for pay; the free version will be limited to one author and three weblogs per installation.

The chorus going up from the weblogging community is “we can’t afford that!”. And not unfairly - the pricing as soon as you go above those numbers is USD70. But really… for single-author blogs, there isn’t anything wrong with the free version. There’s no support and no paid installation service. Unsurprisingly, there’s also a no-commercial-use clause - which is what was preventing MovableType from being widely offered in the first place. The license actually prevented web hosts from offering it as a for-pay service. Where is the downside? I will concede that anyone running a for-profit blog is going to either have to start paying for the service, or move to another service. But if I hear a single one-man blogger complaining about how Six Apart is evil, I’m really going to start breaking things. (The linked article is especially hilarious. The author draws the analogy of MovableType’s licensing to the licensing of a book… and then says, quote, “Hm. So you want to license your books like software?”. I can only conclude that the author objects to licensing MovableType as if it were software.) That said, if I can’t keep using it in my current setup, I’ll be a good consumer and drop it like third-period French. The current leader seems to be Wordpress - but when you’re on to something good, why not stick to it?