Google notoriety

I was going through my access logs in search of Google referrers (as you do). It’s fun! Despite having only been googlable for a couple of months, I’ve had a few interesting hits. The usual hits for “k-tonk-tonk” and “thinkshiny”, as well as three hits for Real Actual Content!…

  • “leadtek a250 vivo problem video-in” (well, even considering mine blew up, I don’t think I’m an authority on problems with Leadteks…)

  • “RAID-5 seven 9GB disks. How much of that space can actually be used to store files” (54GB. 45GB if you’re like me and using one as a hot spare.)

  • “pentax slr camera reviews -digital” (my impression: two thumbs up.)

Now, the big question is, what else can I get googled for? Whoever comes up with the most interesting google query that Thinkshiny pops up on will win… erm… a link! Apparently they’re hot currency in the “blogosphere”.

Update: While I was posting this (and playing with Trackback, which is pretty cool), I found out by accident that my webserver software was pointing to a version of Perl on my server that was about eight versions behind the times. It was there even though I’d installed the new version, but the two versions quite happily coexisted even when I was expecting to upgrade the old version. The moral of the story? If you’re compiling and installing software from source code, make sure you know what you are doing. This has been a public service announcement.