JRE: Breaking new frontiers in blogging

The spirit of JRE is embodied in adventurousness, and breaking new ground in blogging. And in that spirit, I’m going to make history, and achieve new fusions of the blogosphere and realspace (and probably be arrested by the language police for that last sentence). JRE will be the first, the only blog to liveblog the construction of an Officeworks desk! Pictures will be uploaded to media.thinkshiny.com at the conclusion of this brave experiment. Reload the entry for updates!

19:20 hours Finished stage 1. I’ve inserted the locking nut (4) into boards B, C, D, K, L, M, N and O. Although apparently there were two sorts of locking nut (4), and I managed to use the wrong one. Thankfully they’re removable. 19:41 hours A tub nut. What on earth is a tub nut? Finished stage 2. Apparently a tub nut is a nut with a screw thread on the inside, so you can screw a screw into it. 19:50 hours Wow, that was quick. Finished stage 3. I want adjustable feet too. 20:06 hours It’s starting to look like a desk! At this point I started needing help with the self-tapping screws. Clearly, the target market for flat-pack furniture does not include the lucrative “scrawny geek” sector. 20:48 hours Yikes. We invented drinks, one of which is worthy of being shared. The other one looked like paint water. The Smooch (Originally named the Smoochie - renamed so that you can say “The crowd goes wild! All the cheerleaders come out for smooches!”): In a standard-size scotch glass: Squeeze the juice of 12 an orange Pour in a shot of Triple Sec (every liquor cabinet should have some) Pour in a shot of Schweppes lime cordial Fill to top with Solo. The one that looked like paint water is an abomination that will never be repeated. Okay. Now for step four… oops, I mean step five. This oughta be interesting. 23:55 hours It’s done. Photos will be uploaded tomorrow. I’m going to bed now, ‘cause I have to be up at 0600. And my bookshelf still isn’t done… yuck yuck yuck. But I did manage to get my shiny new 160GB hard disk installed; it’s formatting right now. Watch for a review sometime this week.