Naming Your Computers, Redux

I’m getting a laptop. Now, I already have a perfectly good naming scheme for my computers, but the namespace is just a bit large for there to be one easy choice. So, I throw it open to you, the innumerable loyal readers of JRE. (And yes, it’s correct to use the plural.) Update - 21/01/2004 I named him Seiichirou. And if you’re buying a laptop, buy a Pentium M. I was able to go about four hours on a single charge, including plenty of CD burning and watching DVDs. I am in awe.

Because MovableType doesn’t have built-in polls (although I suspect TypePad does, which means they should be coming soon), throw your opinions or snarky comments into the comments section. Your options are:

  • Arashi

  • Yuuto

  • Nataku

  • Seishirou

  • Seiichirou (yes, it’s different to the previous option)

I’ll provide context later, when it’s not a time when I should be going to bed.