Saint Conan’s Kirk

Interior, Saint Conan’s, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

Not named after the more-beloved-than-Leno late night host, Saint Conan’s Kirk sits beside the road to Oban, alongside the appropriately-named Loch Awe.

The building itself is relatively recent – it’s only existed in its current form since 1930 – but it feels a lot older. This is the interior of the main building, lit by the spectacular stained-glass rosette above the nave.

(It’s also open for visitors any time there’s not a service in progress, and is totally worth dropping in on. Here’s a couple more spectacular photos from the kirk – the front churchyard; the expansive view over Loch Awe from the back door; a commemorative sundial by the loch; and an unorthodox vertigo cure.)

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