“Extremely motivated seller!” “Won’t last long!”

I’ve just found the most optimistic real-estate ad ever. Have a look at this listing for a vacant block of land: it’s in Hawaii, andĀ it’s only $6,500!

See the ocean every day, with no telephone poles and lines crisscrossing the spectacular views. Feel the night air like warm water on your skin, study the stars and see the Milky Way like never before. Fish from the cliffs or walk to the nearby beach. Build your green, eco friendly getaway here, with plenty of sunshine to power those solar panels and enough wind to power a wind turbine.

But what’s the catch? There’s no catch! Where do I sign?!

Although this subdivision was covered by lava in 1990, new plants and trees are already taking hold and people are rebuilding in the subdivision.

Sounds great! New plants and treesĀ and it’s covered by WHAT?

There’s always a catch.





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