“Chips are a vegetable”

Way back in college, a bloke called Sinclair Davidson was my lecturer for final-year economics. Since then, he’s started writing for the excellent Catallaxy blog, which is full of interesting stuff: here’s the story behind the Aussie stimulus package; and here’s a wonky but interesting piece on hospitals in Canberra. (He also wrote a great piece for the Institute of Public Affairs on the benefits of migration – worth a read.)

And then I stumble across this:

Nobody wants to eat steak with a sweet potato mash and a jus. Substitute for chips.

How come we never covered this in lectures?

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  1. Tobe Freeman says:

    To be fair on Gruen’s financial advice, let’s remember that the modelling community calls this situation Garbage in, garbage out. Or as Gruen more politely put it:
    ‘extremely difficult for formal models to come to terms with [the credit crisis, and so the situation]..calls for judgment. What came out of formal modelling would depend on what you put in…’

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