In cinemas soon: “I Know Something About What Mary Screamed Last Summer”

Watching fictional characters drink alcohol may trigger an immediate desire to do the same, Dutch researchers said after observing college men raid a refrigerator full of free beer while viewing “American Pie 2.”

When we did that at university, we didn’t try to call it a “research project”, we just called it “Tuesday night”.

Engels and other researchers recruited 18- to 29-year-old college students, asking them to bring a friend. They supplied 40 pairs of students — 80 men in all — with free nuts, potato chips and a refrigerator stocked with beer, wine and soda within arm’s reach.

And calling it a research project … means you can obtain government funding for the beer. Ta-da:

The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research funded the study together with STAP, the National Foundation for Alcohol Prevention.

Dutch taxpayers – this is where your tax dollars are going. What are you waiting for? Call up NOSR and demand that they give you free beer as well!

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