It came! It came! It came!!!!!!
00:55 06/03/04
I was going to write a ‘first impressions’ review… but I’m much too distracted.
Tekken 4 was very nice, with the one caveat that the TV is too good. You really start to notice the aliasing when the screen size is cranked up that far, but we managed to fix it with some judicious adjustment of the sharpness. I’ll pick up a component-video cable for the PS2 tomorrow, so we’ll be able to see how it looks in 480p progressive-scan mode.
After a couple of DVDs through the PS2, I think it’s safe to say that it’s not too bad once you tweak the settings. On the default, the pictures are very sharp – which is a bit of a pain for subtitles, since they tend to have ringing around them. I’ve never, ever seen lines so crisp, though… if slightly-too-bright subtitles is the price I have to pay for razor clarity, I can live with that.
Must go, it’s getting to the good bit…

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